Are You Extremely Hard on Yourself?

… Judgmental, Critical …

There’s nothing worse than knowing you’re a woman who’s smart, experienced, accomplished, normal, etc., yet extremely hard on yourself, finding that: you compare yourself (harshly) to others and then spiral down because you don’t measure up … Or you do more for others, which satisfies your love for giving, but leaves you aching for something for yourself …

Or worse yet, you ‘shrink’ in situations … or sabotage your dreams … Or if a mom, feel you don’t have a ‘handle’ on motherhood because you do too much, are always too tired to enjoy it, and still feel that you’re not doing enough or doing it right …

… Extreme judgment of self.

But unfortunately millions of women do this every single day. Why?


The self-critic.

The Truth About Your Self-Critic

As you know, the self-critic is an ever present part of you. Your self-critic is the culprit who causes overwhelm, self-sabotage, hesitation, and holding back … the loud inner voice of your doubts and fears. The negative self-talk you hear constantly in the back of your mind.

Have a little (or big) snag in your day… and the self-critic ‘goes to town’ and can be relentless. Merciless. You can lose your entire day … being unproductive, unfocused, scattered, feeling down … even scared.I’ve spent thousands of dollars on seminars, read tons of self-help books, been a part of some incredible groups, developed my spirituality, and even with all of that valuable life work that advanced me, I would still find I was being extremely hard on myself. And my self-critic was asking, “Why aren’t I doing more?” … or claiming, “I should know better (because I had experienced all of this personal growth)!”

So I knew I had to address the issue of the self-critic and find a way to tame it in my day-to-day life!

photo_marci-shimoff“To wake up every morning in love with your life is a fantastic way to live! Maria Carter spells out clearly and simply how to make that happen.” ~ Marci Shimoff, New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason

pic_wally_amos“Maria Carter’s book, Fall In Love with Your Life, will help you feel good about yourself. This book is pure inspiration! I dare you to read it and not fall in love with your life!” ~ Wally Amos, author of Positive Thinking, Blue Mountain Arts

I wanted a different kind of book. Something I couldn’t find. I’m not knocking other books, I’ve gained tremendously from them. I was looking for something specific and different. Here’s what I did find:

ISSUE #1 – Inspirational books … Motivational books … Journals … I found something I loved in this one… And something I loved in another one … but I had too many pieces. I felt scattered when trying to work with all of these pieces on a daily basis.

ISSUE #2 – I loved all the ‘positivity’ and inspiration I read in the books… but in my day-to-day world, once I put the book down, I would easily slip back to staying mostly in my head. Yes, I would be thinking inspired and uplifting thoughts and get great new insights, but I wanted to feel it in my heart. I wanted a way to help me easily get to and feel my heart, which is where I know balance and love reside.


Introducing …


The Ultimate Self-Nurturing Guide


img_booksmSo I created Fall In Love With Your Life, the book.

I wanted romance, fun and adventure … woven into my day-to-day. I wanted something feminine. I wanted to feel my heart.

I needed a structured way in my day-to-day to stay positive and on higher ground and get back easily to that higher ground if I slipped into the blues.

(By the way, I stand solidly strong and grounded, despite challenges of life all around me. Yes, the economy sucks and things don’t always turn out the way I plan and I’ve had set-backs. We all do. But I’ve been using the techniques in the book for years, and the proof is in my happiness quotient, which consistently stays pretty high.)



Romance the Self-Critic Within.
Expand Your Happiness. Shrink Your Stress.

Truth be told, Happiness really is feeling love—loving and being loved. So when you learn how to self-nurture, you’ll tap into the well of love inside of you. And when you do, the cravings, neediness, and struggles diminish for being heard, being loved, being valued … because you have self-nurtured. And the funny thing is, the happier and peaceful you are, the more you are heard, loved, and valued. That’s the secret here.

Fall In Love With Your Life is a unique way to connect with the self at the heart, the key to engaging more fully in life … to feel love … to let love in … to receive abundance more fully.

Fall In Love With Your Life begins with inspirational stories, quotes, and how-tos, demonstrating why every woman must take a few minutes each morning to write a Love Note to herself. The 365 Love Notes follow, each day starting off with an inspirational Love Quote, a starter phrase to get you going (keep you from writer’s block), and then space on the page for you to complete the Love Note in your own words. Daily Love Notes are designed to help you more easily and intimately connect with yourself and help you become a better receiver. You or your self-critic won’t be in the way, and ultimately you’ll come to the place where you’ll value yourself enough to say, “Yes, I deserve this–to love my life.” Love Notes from you to you, will help you love you–sometimes one of the most difficult things to do.

Fall In Love With Your Life supports you to consciously create your own life and legacy vs. losing yourself in day-to-day life, forgetting your true identity. Fall In Love With Your Life shares daily, how valuable you truly are … and how much you deserve living a life you love.

Here’s what’s in store. I share ways to support you in how to:

CatherineLanigan“Rare, indeed, is the self-help book that successfully connects common sense to our soul’s purpose. Fall In Love With Your Life is the one romance upon which every person who embarks will find their lives are never the same again!”

~ Catherine Lanigan, author of Romancing the Stone, The Jewel of the Nile, Writing the Great American Romance NovelThe Evolving Women: Intimate Confessions of Surviving Mr. Wrong, and The Christmas Star


Louise Hay“This book teaches women how to feel desirable in all areas of their lives. Inner beauty is the key to Maria Carter‘s tools for success. If you are willing to do what is outlined in this book, your life will be transformed.”

~ Louise L. Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life and Empowering Women

*Find your sense of wonderment and play
*Break through limiting perceptions and beliefs
*Become more irresistible!! … desirable and magnetic
*Learn to acknowledge yourself and others
*Discover your purpose and live it passionately
*Heal emotions and fears
*Nurture Yourself to Blossom and Unfold
*Implement Courageous Love in how you communicate with others
*Identify and celebrate what you are grateful for
*Be more conscious of how you live your life
*Value yourself and share your love, talents and gifts to bring light to and uplift others
*Trust and surrender to the shower of blessings, the abundance that is yours all along


When you actually DO this specific type of journaling—Love Notes, I believe you will be amazed at what you discover and what different results you create in your life.

lovenoteIt’s NOT a lazy-woman’s guide to loving your life. You actually MUST take 1 to 5 minutes a day to pick up your pen and write … to find the ‘magic’ in writing Love Notes. The magic of feeling your heart, of feeling love. Five minutes a day is a miniscule price to pay, for exponential results. The techniques work. But if you’re lazy and you want results without doing anything, then please don’t order the book.

You’ll find that Fall In Love With Your Life is a quick read in a very different way. In the beginning of the book, we explore why the Love Notes, Love Letters, and strengthening your relationship with yourself is so important. We also cover how to get the most out of the book. Then almost immediately you’re on to Day 1, which, like any morning’s Love Note, will only take moments to complete. On Day 1, you can immediately start to open up to creativity, receiving, and new perspectives …


The Downside?

This ISN’T just a bunch of happiness hullabaloo with no down side.

Not every Love Note will turn your life into bliss …

Our goal here is to bring romance into our life in the way we respond to and live more harmoniously with our self-critic. What I learned on my journey of romancing my own self-critic is that like all romances, it takes consistent and loving effort. My daily Love Notes helped me gain momentum and transform my negative into powerful feelings that bring me into balance.

Sometimes you have to figure out what will reach your Self-Critic. It may be one Love Note or Love Letter, read over and over again. It may be something in the Romancing Immersion Steps. It may be one or a combination of Emergency Measures. It may be some insight, a letting go, encouragement, or inspiration gained in your (optional) ‘All My Buds Mastermind’ discussions built around the themes and progression in this book.


Most Frequently Asked Questions …

  1. What if it doesn’t work … I still don’t feel anything. I still don’t love my life?
    Then consider that you may need to take some quality time for you. Time to breath and get in touch with the real you.
    An hour? An afternoon? A day or two or more?Also, you may be thinking too much. Thinking too hard. Taking things too seriously.
    RELAX. Take a long walk and let off some steam. You can then come back to you and your Love Notes. Like true friends, they will always be there for you.
  2. What if I don’t have time? Make a commitment to yourself, a promise, then you’ll find the time and organize your day accordingly. Five minutes a day is a miniscule price to pay, for exponential results.
  3. What if I forget and skip? Just pick up where you left off … lovingly (no judgment).
  4. What if I get stuck? You’ll find Emergency Measures on page 289. These are for the times when you sense that your self-critic is trying to take over. Plus we have a number of support options listed at the back of the book.


budsALL MY BUDS Mastermind

I encourage you to embark on this journey to your heart with friends. Most women will find themselves ‘bursting’ to share their discoveries, questions, … feelings, etc., and you’ll want that additional heart connection and support. Sharing your journey with friends significantly magnifies all your results. You’ll also want them to be around to celebrate with you. So enlist your friends to go through this book together. You’ll have great fun and adventures together as you challenge and support each other.

Feel free to forward this email to your friends.

Are you ready to fall in love with your life?


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Here’s to Love, Laughter, Life … and You!


Maria Carter
CEO of Fall In Love With Your Life®
Author, Fall In Love With Your Life:
365 Love Notes for Romancing the Self-Critic Within


P.S. The experts have raved about Fall In Love With Your Life

What they’ve said:  divider

                     Foreword excerpt:

pic_nelygalan“In the busy and stress-filled world we live in, it’s so easy to lose yourself and be blinded to the natural joy and abundance we were all meant to live. Maria Carter, through Fall In Love With Your Life, makes it easy to connect with yourself and find at least 365 ways to love and enjoy your life!”

~ Nely Galán, President & CEO, Galán Entertainment, Former President, Telemundo Network; Count Me In for Women’s Economic Independence, Emeritus Board; The Center for the Advancement of Women, Board of Directors; The Smithsonian Emeritus, Alumni Board; Coca-Cola, Advisory Board

pic_jack_canfield“Love Notes stir the heart and soul like nothing else can. Be inspired to create Real Love, Real Intimacy and Real Living. You’ll fall in love with you and your life!”

~ Jack Canfield, Co-Founder Chicken Soup for the Soul

pic_janet_attwood“A great relationship with yourself will fuel your passion! Fall In Love With Your Life is brilliant in helping you stay focused on feeling your heart, on the magnificence of who you are, and taking daily actions to live your life the way it was meant to be lived—fulfilling your life’s purpose.”

~ Janet Attwood, author New York Times Bestseller, The Passion Test

pic_cynthia_kersey“Maria Carter’s book is a must-read, containing a wealth of tools that will help you create UNSTOPPABLE results!”

~ Cynthia Kersey, bestselling author of Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women

pic_joy_bounds“My life had become an endless cycle of work, family, and duty. I had forgotten who I was and why I mattered. I had forgotten to love myself. Fall In Love With Your Life reawakened that within me, and then showed me how to love myself again.”

~ Joy Bounds, Commercial Mediator

pic_jill_lublin“To fall in love with your life need not be a dream. It’s real for many people, so that means it can happen for you. In Fall In Love With Your Life, Maria Carter puts out all the stops for you to get the attention of your Inner You—that one ‘someone’ who can make your dreams happen. Just go for it!”

~ Jill Lublin, international speaker and bestselling author of Get Noticed…Get Referrals, Networking Magic, and Guerrilla Publicity

pic_pat_burns“Every life comes with a little sunshine and a little rain. What’s important is to keep your heart open no matter what comes. Fall In Love With Your Life takes us through a journey of keeping love alive – starting with ourselves – creating a life worth living! Maria’s book is simply beautiful.”

~ Pat Burns, Corporate and Entrepreneurial Advancer, Co-Founder, Orange County Children’s Book Festival, and author, Grandparents Rock

pic_mari_smith“Having a profound relationship with yourself is the foundation for having a profound relationship with others. Maria has done an exceptional job of detailing the importance of falling in love with you and your life first!! I’m a big romanticist too and love this Fall In Love With Your Life journey to self. That’s the secret to a life well lived … to a life well loved. Bravo, Maria!”

~ Mari Smith, Relationship Marketing Specialist & Social Media Business Coach and author of bestselling books, Facebook Marketing, An Hour a Day and The New Relationship Marketing

pic_polly_bauerFall In Love With Your Life is a surefire winner! When I can transform my health, balance, and business affairs, as stressful and hectic as my life is, then I know millions of women ‘in my shoes’ will love this system.”

~ Polly Bauer, former President/COO, Home Shopping Network Credit Corporation

pic_michelle_anton“Get your life back, and on track! All too often, women ‘give it away’ to a husband, boyfriend, boss, parents, their own children, and life’s circumstances. Fall In Love With Your Life is brilliant in providing a simple, yet deepening journey to living your life from being true to you.”

~ Michelle Anton, former Producer, Dr. Laura Radio Show, author of Weekend Entrepreneur

pic_john_assaraf“To create an extraordinary life—a life you love, begins with loving yourself … because you’ll value yourself enough to do what’s necessary. A daily Love Note to yourself is a miniscule price to pay for exponential rewards. What Maria Carter has put together is a very simple easy and engaging system. Fall In Love With Your Life is a MUST!”

~ John Assaraf, CEO, OneCoach and New York Times bestselling author of Having It All
and The Answer

pic_jorge_cruise“Maria knows that you are busy and she has a plan that will show you how to love your life even more, in just minutes a day!”

~ Jorge Cruise, author of New York Times bestsellers 8 Minutes in the Morning™, The 3-Hour Diet™, and The 12-Second Sequence™

pic_robert_allenFall in Love with Your Life is a powerful approach of creating and keeping wealth in all areas of your life. Fast forward to what you want to achieve in life by reading Maria Carter’s book!”

~ Robert G. Allen, New York Times bestselling author of Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, and The One Minute Millionaire

pic_mark_victor_hansen“‘Smell’ this ‘aromatic’ book that will shower you with a fragrance that will change your life in five minutes.”

~ Mark Victor Hansen, Co-creator, #1 New York Times bestselling series Chicken Soup for the Soul®, Co-author, Cracking the Millionaire Code, The One Minute Millionaire, and Cash in a Flash, and author of Richest Kids in America

pic_sheryl_roush“You have created a brilliant masterpiece here—sharing your heart to women (and men) everywhere! You’ve given ‘birth’ to something every being needs to read … with powerful life-centered Higher Self messages … that ‘spark’ self-love, self-acknowledgement, self-worth. Imagine a world where each of us knows we are Worthy. I celebrate the ‘romantic’ journey that has brought you to this Divine place, and your immense love to share it with others … one Heart at a time.”

~ Sheryl Roush, International Speaker and author of the Heart Book Series, including Heart of a Woman, Heart of a Mother, and Heart of a Woman in Business

pic_karen_moose“I’m an extremely busy Mom with three very young children and several major businesses in full swing. It’s not easy to find time to love and nurture me. Fall In Love With Your Life Love Notes are slices of heaven—a few luxuriating moments feeling loved by me before my day starts rolling! Love Notes are so easy … and such a great way to bring that Inner Me out to greet my family and my world.”

~ Karen Moose, President, Infinity Enterprises Worldwide and Global Real Estate Capital

pic_brian_klemmerMaria Carter communicates to other women the essence of professional and personal desirability. This is the key to moving beyond “How To’s,” to really create the life you want. Maria not only lives a life she loves, but also has the rare ability to present simple and practical methods for loving your life and world, and in a way that will move you to Action!”

~ Brian Klemmer, author of If How To’s Were Enough, We Would All Be Skinny, Rich and Happy and Wall Street Journal bestseller The Compassionate Samurai

pic_patrick_nancy_dean“Maria Carter’s Fall In Love with Your Life is a very exciting and thoughtful book. To have a meaningful and lasting relationship you must first love yourself. Her book takes you through this process step by step. It ends with a greater understanding and appreciation of the special gift that each one of us is. In a practical way, it is a book about creating great relationships!”

~ Patrick and Nancy Dean, authors of Love Made Visible and Love Made Visible II

pic_diane_beinschroth“Finally, a practical guide to personal growth for women! In her book, Maria Carter acknowledges the unique gifts of women and provides inspiration for women everywhere.”

~ Diane Beinschroth, International Speaker, Facilitator, and Coach, Klemmer & Associates

pic_denise_mcgregor“It is every woman’s birthright to feel desirable … just because, and act powerfully and compassionately from that desirability. Maria Carter’s book is the loving path back to that birthright, an inspiring call to recreate our lives from the fullness of our being.”

~ Denise McGregor, author of Mama Drama

pic_kevin_mccarthyFall In Love With Your Life is Maria Carter’s way of becoming and being an on-purpose person. From everyday challenges, she pieced together a design for a meaningful life and is compelled to share life lessons that will help you Be On-Purpose with your life!”

~ Kevin W. McCarthy, author of The On-Purpose Person and The On-Purpose Business


P.P.S. The quality of your life depends on you! Start immediately to romance that self-critic. Order Fall In Love With Your Life today, and then return here to claim your special bonus gifts (the blue form above).